For Sam’s birthday party I wanted to do some kind of photo collage to show him throughout the months because babies change so much in that first year, month to month.

I had seen how parents put little stickers on their babies and showed them with different backgrounds, or the same onesie, or numerous other things.  I did not think to do this with my own kid till he was 4 months old and by then I certainly could not just start with the stickers when I knew I would be missing pictures for the few months he was alive. 

So anyway, I had an idea that I could upload photos to my phone that I had taken throughout the year, run them through instagram and then label them using labelbox.   This is what I came up with.  It was a hit at the birthday party.  My love for instagram grows and grows.  So quick to edit and process photos to make them beautiful.  I also have been having so much fun labeling pictures using the labelbox app. 

I uploaded the finished pictures to (from my phone using the Ritzpix app) and had them printed with matte finish in 5”x5” prints.  I would love to print them from a higher quality printer online but I love that I can upload them and they are ready for me to pick up in less than an hour most of the time. 

Once I got them I hung up some twine and used mini clothespins to attach them to the twine that I purchased in the dollhouse/woodworking section of Michael’s.  

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